"I highly recommend Erika’s astrological chart reading, very professional, accurate and informative. An amazing insight." -  Sandra

"Having Erika guide me though the significance of my natal and progression charts gave me a deeper understanding of why certain patterns occur in my life. On top of that she was able to give guidance on what characteristics are there for me to use to achieve my goals,and what challenges I need to face. Everything felt very in tune with the direction I am trying to head in and my knowledge of myself. Her deep understanding of astrology is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of their lives."  - Holly

"Erika's reading helped give me a greater context and a sense of peace about some major life events I experienced over the past years. Her perspectives have given me the insight and guidance I was seeking." - Caroline

"Erika has a talent for astrological reading and interpreting. Very accurate and insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a better understanding and awareness of life and their place within it." - Salena

"My first time looking at my birth chart. It was such a beautiful way to understand different aspects of myself and how I see the world. Thanks so much for the experience! "- Aimee

"I had never had an astrology reading before and Erika provided a safe and gentle environment to discover more about myself in this way. Since the reading, I have been blown away by how much it has grounded me in my day to day with a better understanding of who I am in my soul. Thanks Erika!" - Ness